The Children’s Prize contest (aka “the Prize”) is open to all individuals, worldwide. The prize funds may only be used for charitable purposes, subject to expenditure responsibility.

Determination of eligibility is at the sole discretion of the Children’s Prize Foundation (the “Prize Administrators” or “contest administrators”). Employees of, or any person associated with, the business operations of the Prize Administrators and their family members, may not compete for the Prize.

These guidelines are not a contract, nor do the Prize Administrators have any legal obligations to applicants. The selection methods chosen and all decisions regarding the selection process of the Prize are at the sole discretion of the Prize Administrators. The Prize Administrators reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to not award the Prize if they deem that no entry meets the goals of the Prize.

By entering the Prize contest, the applicant agrees that all material submitted to the Prize may be publicly showcased and shared by the Prize Administrators to promote the charitable actions proposed therein, the applicants, and/or the Prize itself. By entering, the applicant further agrees that Prize Administrators may edit, modify, merge, reproduce, translate, publicly and digitally display and redistribute the submitted materials in any form, and represents that the applicant possesses the authority to grant these rights to the Prize Administrators.

Applicants will retain all rights, title, and interest in the submitted materials not granted herein. Applicants agree that the Prize Administrators have no obligation of confidentiality or limitation of use on the submitted materials, notwithstanding any captions or markings attached thereto, except for information clearly designated as private by the Prize Administrators on Prize entry forms. Private fields will only be visible to the Prize Administrators and judges, and will not be shared publicly.

The following fields will remain private once the Entry Form is submitted:

  • Email Address
  • Annual Budget
  • Additional information concerning applicant’s identity

The Prize Winner will be required to enter an agreement with The Children’s Prize Foundation prior to disbursement of the funds. The agreement will contain, but will not be limited to, a schedule of fund disbursements and status reports, legal and financial disclosures and agreements, etc. Should it be necessary for liability or financial reasons, the Prize winner may be required to form an organizational entity, the costs of which may be paid out of the prize amount awarded.


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