Our Story

The Children’s Prize Foundation was created with a maverick spirit and a simple yet ambitious goal: to advance child health and survival by insisting on impact and data-driven rigor, while leading the way for a modern day philanthropic prize movement. Every solution begins with a problem. Our problem is rooted in an uncertainty that money being spent is not directly solving what one hopes to solve. This is not an isolated experience, but a reflection of a growing public unease about the philanthropic sector in general.

So we started the Children’s Prize as an alternative.

The Children’s Prize Foundation thinks and approaches problems like an engineer. We define solutions in a scientific way and pursue these solutions by engaging effective collaborations. We view our work as caring science. By requiring rigorous process accountability measures and evaluations, we insist that each and every child under age five counts. We believe that all children are equally deserving of life and better health.

By operating outside traditional philanthropy channels, managing a global competition, assembling a diverse team of expert advisors and directly engaging with on-the-ground practitioners saving lives, the foundation is able to select high quality projects that best align with our criteria and goals. We seek out individuals who in their own unique way also challenge the status quo and do not accept that children and mothers die daily from preventable causes.

The Children’s Prize contest got its start as the flagship program for CappSci back in 2013. The success of the humanitarian project led to the environmental sustainability prize expansion for CappSci, and the creation of our new foundation.

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Greetings! We’re the team behind the work of the Children’s Prize Foundation. We bring a unique blend of interesting personalities, backgrounds and strengths to the table. We take pride in our work, and are grateful that we have the opportunity to engage in deeply meaningful and life-changing work.

We are always looking to connect with people who share similar passions. We offer internships and seek strong partnerships in order to more effectively achieve our collective impact. If that’s you, email us at info@childrensprize.org.

There are two sides to most issues, but there are not two sides to child mortality. We can all agree that every little child deserves to live.

Ted Caplow, Founder

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